custom Computers

At Nexus we offer custom built PC’s that provide the best performance that money can buy. We do not skimp or cut corners to save a few bucks. We make sure we are proud to put our Nexus badge on the front of every case when it ships. Each PC is built with a personal touch for each individual. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

pc service and repair

Nexus provides top notch service and repair options. Well qualified staff who have been in the field for decades makes sure everything possible is resolved to your liking. And most service requests can be resolved remotely. Saving you time and money, and the hassle of having to ship or bring in your device. Email us at [email protected] if you need help!

online tech support

We have a fully online support ticket system for those problems that require a little more help. Email [email protected] Your support ticket is updated real time and you can check on your ticket status any time, 24/7. 


Remote PC Troubleshooting 

Many of your problems can be solved remotely with out the need to go anywhere or send in your device! Saving time and money!